Announcing the Organizational Meeting of The AAPS Texas State Chapter

The Texas chapter of AAPS will conduct a formal organizational meeting for the purpose of approving bylaws and electing officers. This meeting will be held Saturday, May 21, the morning following the AAPS Thrive, Not Just Survive workshop.

Why is this important? 

  1.  Our members can make their voices heard in a more effective way at the state level when we have an organized leadership structure.
  2.  Closer communication with other like-minded physicians will develop a collective base of information that will be a valuable resource for initiating policy change.
  3. Resolutions and model legislation may be brought to a house-of-delegates meeting.  Decisions made by the representative physicians will be a true reflection of the voice of private physicians.
  4. Advocacy at the local level will be more effective. It is very important that good relationships are developed so that the positions of AAPS on important issues will be taken into consideration. Some of them never hear from independent physicians.
  5. We are stronger when we listen to and learn from each other. A unified position on issues in medicine is influential to leaders whose decision impact the practice of medicine.
  6. Our patients need us to represent them as well—many patients feel abandoned by their doctors, and there is a growing lack of trust in the medical profession by the public.

Please join us on May 21! We need the contributions of every member for the success of this effort. Even if you are not interested in being an officer, we need your input and support.

Sheila Page, DO
Chapter Coordination Team


Saturday, May 21, 2016
9am to Noon


DFW Marriott
8440 Freeport Pkwy
Irving, TX 75063




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Call AAPS Business Manager Jeremy Snavely at 520-270-0761 or email [email protected]

Hotel Rooms:

Group rate of $82/night. Call Marriott at 800-228-9290, mention Group Code AAP and Rate Code AAPA. Group Rate Cutoff Date: 4/26.

Workshop Info:

Friday May 20, AAPS is holding a workshop, at the same hotel, on third-party-free practice.  Details