AAPS endorses Dawn Buckingham, MD for Texas Senate District 24

Dr. Buckingham, endorsed by AAPS, succeeded in making the runoff for the senate race in Texas SD24! The primary runoff date is May 24, and early voting started Monday, May 16.

95043807-9e3b-4547-acd5-57a4514a8713Texas needs a strong, conservative physician in the Senate who will be willing to stand up against the status quo in the face of encroaching government control of the practice of medicine. She is prepared to tackle head-on the problems faced by private physicians and work to restore the integrity of the patient-physician relationship.

Dr. Buckingham has the experience necessary to be able to find solutions and oppose further entrenchment of third parties in medicine. She will fight for protection of vulnerable lives and to preserve the integrity of the patient-physician relationship.

Dawn Buckingham will be a much-needed voice for private physicians in the Texas Senate.

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