AAPS vs. Texas Medical Association At Hearing On Medical Board

SB 1813 would provide basic rights to physicians with respect to the medical board.  This good legislation would require the medical board to disclose to a physician a copy of the complaint against him, and the identity of experts used against him.  The right to confront one’s accuser is an essential part of fairness in a civilized society.  This would deter bad faith complaints against physicians.

AAPS’s General Counsel, Andy Schlafly, testified in favor this bill in Austin on Wednesday.  An earlier version of this bill passed by 147-0 in the Texas House a few years ago.  No one should have to defend against accusations made by an undisclosed nemesis who hides behind a veil of confidentiality.  Numerous Texas physicians have been victimized by confidential complaints filed against them, without being able to find out who the accuser was.

Yet there was the Texas Medical Association (TMA) at the hearing, testifying against this basic protection for physicians.  The TMA pretends to represent physicians, yet it testified against this right for physicians before the Senate Health & Human Services Committee on Wednesday.

The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution grants to murderers the right to confront their accusers, but some think that physicians cannot be trusted with that basic right.  Dentists receive a copy of any complaints filed with the dental board against them.  But hospitals want to deny this right to physicians.  So does a nursing group.  And the TMA testified on their side, rather than on the side of the rights of physicians, in opposing SB 1813 and trying to deny that basic right to you.

Is it any surprise that private medicine is declining, when medical societies like the TMA testify against basic rights for physicians?  Fortunately, AAPS stood up for your rights by testifying in support of you.  We have stood up for private medicine for more than 70 years, and will continue to defend private medicine for another 70 years – with your support.  

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Please call Senator Charles Schwertner, M.D., who is Chairman of the Senate Health & Human Services Committee, and let him know how much you support this bill.  Please also call and thank Vice Chairman Lois Kolkhorst for sponsoring SB 1813 to establish these basic rights for physicians.

Their contact information is:
Chairman Schwertner – 512-463-0105; Vice Chairman Kolkhorst – 512-463-0118

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