Update on Texas Primary Races

Primary election season is upon the great state of Texas and a few of your physician colleagues have helped us put together a guide to some of the important races with particularly outstanding candidates.

Please take a few moments to review the following update.  This is not a comprehensive list and if you are aware of a race or candidate we should take a look at, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email to let us know.

Update on Texas Primary Races

US Congressional District 19 has 9 candidates.  Out of these, Dr. Donald May and Jason Corley stand out as principled conservatives. They are both in support of protecting patients and private practices.

Dr. Donald May has been an outspoken conservative for many years.  He is a highly accomplished surgeon who will defend private practices and the integrity of patient care.  He will be a strong advocate for the practice of medicine and for the protection of the patient.  http://mayfortexas.com/about-dr-may/

Jason Corley is an entrepreneur who is a strong supporter of free-market solutions.  He has been directly involved in patient care in nursing homes and has been a part of a family run home health business.  He understands the problems of the medical profession and takes an uncomplicated approach to solving them.  http://corleyforcongress.com/bio/

Texas Senate races:

Dr. Dawn Buckingham is running in SD 24. Dr. Buckingham has been a patient advocate for many years. She will be a defender of life and supports principles of individual responsibility and free market solutions in medical care.  She has been a long-standing opponent of encroaching maintenance of certification and maintenance of licensure threats. She opposed the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact and has been a defender of the patient-physician relationship. She has experience with streamlining government as a member of the Sunset Commission.   She will be a valuable friend in the Texas Senate. http://dawnbuckingham.com/about/

Bryan Hughes, running in SD 1, filed legislation last session to address the problem of corporate medicine in hospitals.  He is a principled conservative, pro-life advocate, and supporter of private medical practices. http://www.bryanhughes.com/

Texas House races:

Dr. Stuart Spitzer, in HD 4, stands out as a conservative physician in the House of Representatives and strong supporter of private medicine. http://stuartspitzer.com/

Bill Zedler, in HD 96, filed legislation that would protect physicians by giving due process rights before the state medical board.  He also is the only health committee member to vote against the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.  He is a long-standing friend to medicine. http://billzedler.org/

Bryan Slaton, in HD 2, has experience in the home health business and has a clear understanding of the ethical issues that are increasingly in conflict with the Oath of Hippocrates.  He is a defender of patient care integrity and private medicine.http://bryanslaton.com/

Jonathan Stickland, in HD 92, filed legislation to end a requirement tying TMA membership to the ability to purchase TMLT malpractice insurance. He is a strong pro-life candidate and fighter for the cause of liberty. http://jonathanstickland.com/

Stephanie Klick, in HD 91, filed legislation that would allow physicians to legally donate unused, unopened medications from a known patient to a patient in need.  She has a medical background as a nurse and is a supporter of the independent physician practice. http://stephanieklick.com/ 

Other Texas House candidates that are strong supporters of liberty:

Briscoe Cain HD 128 http://briscoecain.com/
Thomas McNutt HD 8 http://thomasmcnutt.com/
Read King HD 64 http://readking.net/
Bo French HD 99 http://bofrench.com/

Some of these races are important for changing the culture of corruption in the legislature.   Please take time to research these candidates and get involved their campaigns if you can.

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